Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Smartphone Review- Gaming phone with 144 Hz screen

In red or blue, but in any case with a very unusual chassis design, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel comes to your home. Even the packaging is unusual: It consists of several triangles that you open to reveal the phone, accompanied by a machine sound that comes from a small speaker including a battery in the package. That is pretty cool, but of course questionable in terms of the environment.

The metal and glass chassis feels high-quality and refracts the light at the back, which looks good. The Legion lettering and the large logo in the center glow in different colors. The positioning of the main camera and the flash is unusual; both are in the center of the smartphone. However, this actually corresponds to the positioning of a conventional camera. Overall, it is noticeable that Lenovo has optimized the smartphone for a landscape orientation of the screen, and one of the two USB-C ports is located in the center of the long side.

The smartphone comes with either 12 or 16 GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GB of UFS 3.1 storage. This puts it on a similar level as Asus’ ROG Phone 3; Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra cannot keep up here. 5G is installed, the audio signal is output via USB-C, and an adapter for 3.5 mm jacks is included in the smartphone.

WiFi 6 is also available, but the Legion Phone Duel ranks rather behind in the comparison. The Wi-Fi is not slow in our test with the reference router Netgear Nighthawk AX12, but it is a bit slower than in other smartphones in the price range.

The software is based on Android 10, but is specially adapted. It offers a very good user manual including videos, but it is not always perfectly translated and the security patches were completely outdated at the time of testing.

For real gamers, there are two touch-sensitive areas that can be used as shoulder keys that can be customized for different games. Physical buttons would have been more suitable here, but they serve their purpose.

There is a fingerprint sensor behind the screen. It is a bit far down for our taste, but it is reliable. It is not active when the screen is turned off, and you at least have to activate the always-on display. Thanks to the 144 Hz screen and the fast processor, the smartphone can be operated quickly and feels very responsive.


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