Jumper Tech EZbook X3 Air Laptop in review: Appealing design meets reasonable price

In review: Jumper EZbook X3 Air. Test device provided by: Jumper TechIn review: Jumper EZbook X3 Air. Test device provided by: Jumper Tech

Before purchasing the Jumper EZbook X3 Air, buyers should carefully consider the application for which the laptop is intended. If only simple office programs and the Internet browser are to be used for occasional work, the small notebook does a good job. Components such as WLAN, SSD and display reliably fulfill their tasks, whereby the latter also offers good brightness. On top of that, the case feels high-quality and offers an easily accessible slot for memory expansion.

The Jumper EZbook X3 Air is an affordable laptop with enough power for simple tasks.

In addition to performance sufficient for simple tasks, users must also live with the highly reflective screen surface. As a result, the notebook can hardly be used outdoors and even in closed rooms, for example, artificial light sources are reflected. The QWERTY layout of the keyboard may also not be comfortable for every user.

Jumper EZbook X3 Air at Gearbest


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