JOMISE K7 1600P smart dashcam hands-on: Good video quality, but rather weak software support

The retail package is basic and, unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal much about the JOMISE brand and the product itself. There is no product name on the box, and even the manual is rather generic. On the front cover of the user manual, above and below the image of the dashcam, we can easily read “Model: K7” and “Dashcam-K7” but no trace of JOMISE.

Inside the lackluster box mentioned above, there is the dashcam itself, the manual, a long USB cable, and a car lighter adapter for that cable. The cable is long enough to go around the windshield even in wide and tall cars (can probably fit nicely in buses as well, but I was only able to install it for testing in my father’s Volkswagen Golf Mk5). In addition to these, there’s also a piece of static sheet to add beneath the sticky back adhesive. As I was able to see in some user reviews, the K7 is better applied directly without that sheet. In my case, the static sheet fell off the windshield after roughly three weeks, although it was applied perfectly.

The camera itself looks good and is quite discrete overall. The plastic feels sturdy and is pleasant to the touch when handled, although I wouldn’t label it as premium material. Nevertheless, the K7 is good for the price when talking about build quality and materials. Sadly, black is the only color option.


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