Aorus 15P XC Laptop review: Lots of computing power in a compact case

The Aorus 15P XC (8DE2430SH), test unit provided by Gigabyte GermanyThe Aorus 15P XC (8DE2430SH), test unit provided by Gigabyte Germany

The 15P XC manages to display all current games smoothly thanks to its octa-core Core i7-10870H CPU and its GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU. There are no compromises – Gigabyte has set the GPU’s TGP to 130 Watt, which means it is almost operating at its maximum capacity (140 Watt).

Gigabyte has created a well-rounded gaming notebook with lots of computing power – the Aorus 15P XC.

Strong CPU, strong GPU, 32 GB of RAM (2x 16 GB, dual-channel mode, max. 64 GB) – but only one 512-GB SSD. The storage capacity is not particularly generous for a gaming notebook. Many buyers will have to expand storage sooner or later. This should not pose a big problem as the notebook has a second slot available for an additional NVMe SSD.

The display (FHD, IPS, 240 Hz) has stable viewing angles, a matte surface, short response rates, decent color space coverage, and – thanks to its Pantone certification – great color accuracy. The maximum brightness is too low, however, for a notebook in this price range in particular. The keyboard (RGB backlighting) is suitable for everyday use and the battery life is good with one charge lasting about 6 to 7 hours of normal use.


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