Affordable Zotac ZBOX edge mini PC in review

The Zotac C series’ edge is based on an Intel Gemini Lake SoC with a very low TDP of only 6 watts, which enables passive cooling. The Intel Celeron N4100 has a base clock speed of 1.1 GHz and reaches up to 2.4 GHz under load. The quad-core processor is sufficient for simple office tasks. Despite the passive cooling, the mini PC is very slim at just 32 millimeters. Conversely, this also means that there’s no room for a 2.5-inch drive in its interior. Instead, an M.2 mass storage drive is used, but that shouldn’t be a problem at all. When it comes to RAM, users have the option of equipping the barebone with two SO-DIMM modules.

The Zotac ZBOX edge can be found on the shelves of various online stores for just under 200 Euros (~$242). However, you have to keep in mind that this is a barebone system. This means that you have to buy the storage device, memory modules, and a license for the operating system separately.

The mini PC offers a solid basis in terms of connections. A total of three USB ports allow connecting various external devices. However, one of them is installed as a Type-C port, which somewhat restricts the use of common USB devices when a mouse and keyboard already need to be connected. Furthermore, there is dual-Gigabit LAN and an SD card reader. In addition, displays can be connected via HDMI or DisplayPort. A Wi-Fi 5 module is available for wireless network connections, and it also supports Bluetooth 4.2 at the same time. The box includes a small 40-watt power adapter as well.


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